Key Features For Agents

Key Features For Agents:

Once agents log into their own front office account, they will have access to all of the following tools and applications!


  • This is a place for the agents to see what is going on in the office
  • Can see any events, and office news, and new company listings
  • Can add in personal links for easy access to outside websites they commonly visit


  • A quick paging system to page out to internal agents, business or client contacts
  • Keeps a backup of all auto messages sent from the system leads, showings, etc)


  • One point of entry- listings are added in at the board and automatically populate in listings
  • Listing information needs to be edited at the board and will sync to our system.
  • Can manually add a listing to begin to create showings and open houses before it is populated and posted by the board
  • Enhance tab-can enhance their listings to show on the website, add more photos, virtual tours, etc
  • Showing set up-can send automatic emails to seller or tenants for new, confirmed, cancelled, feedback, or changed showings
  • Showing activity- can print off a report for their seller to show them all the showings on their property
  • Can use send notification option to send out notification to all showing agents that have shown the property to let them know of a price reduction or quick message ie. Renovations
  • Views-can see how many people have been looking at the listing on the website


  • Quick and easy way to schedule showings
  • Can track notes to see what has happened with the showing
  • Has outside agent information already available for scheduling showings


  • Agents can pull up some basic reports from our back-office so they don’t always have to run to the accountant to see their reports


  • Simple database to store all client and business contacts
  • Can add notes and follow up (follow up will toggle into WIGO for contacts to follow up with and send out reminders)
  • Drip marketing-can send out email campaigns to client or business contacts and select triggers to have clients automatically added into campaigns
  • Easy step by step wizard to create campaigns


  • Great place for agents to go in and see preferred vendors that other agents have used to refer out to clients eg painters, plumbers, home inspectors
  • Can go in and add a rating on any vendor they have used


  • Can add in a property that they have or one that they have a client looking for and get automatic matches emailed to them from the system


  • Great place for agents to get up to date documents added in by admin
  • Can add in their own files for easy access anywhere they have internet access


  • On their profile on the message tab they can set up where they want to receive all their messages either an email or a text address)
  • Can set up to receive lead notifications to a call phone in full or simple HTML and will have access to accept leads directly from a mobile device or email

WIGO: (What Is Going On)

  • Can set up automatic notifications for multiple things in the system and receive those notifications to either a text or email address
  • Can be customised for every individual agent


  • Agents can integrate a google or outlook calendar and sync events from our front office system calendar to google or outlook or vise-versa
  • Can share calendars with people by status and view all calendars shared with them by status
Can view all events, open houses, birthdays and anniversaries in 1 click